RIM and SharePoint: Some Resources

RIM and SharePoint: Some Resources

If you’re like me, you’ve probably read a lot of articles about SharePoint’s business benefits (e.g. collaboration, workflows, etc.) but rarely found articles that discuss the RIM implications of implementing this increasingly ubiquitous technology.  You’ve also probably searched in vain for RIM information in books about SharePoint.  And apart from some sessions at ARMA conferences and other RIM industry events, you’ve probably encountered very, very few speakers at SharePoint conferences who even mention RIM.

I’m often asked by clients and students to suggest resources about SharePoint’s RIM functionality and on implementing SharePoint from the RIM perspective.

I’m happy to share the following list of resources I’ve found helpful. What resources do you recommend?

Courses: Solutions for EDRMS Success: SharePoint Records Management Certificate – This ARMA International seminar teaches a 12-step methodology for successfully implementing an EDRMS (electronic document and records management system).  While based on SharePoint 2010, it is fully applicable to other technology platforms.  The certificate consists of a 2-day seminar and a computer-based exam taken after the seminar.

Blogs/web magazines: SharePoint is a hot topic in the blogsphere and web magazines.  Here are three that regularly discuss SharePoint, often from a RIM perspective.

  • CMS Newswire – A good source for discussions, including discussions of SharePoint functionality.
  • Digital Landfill – AIIM’s blog on diverse topics (including SharePoint) for dealing with ‘information chaos’.
  • The Doculabs Blog – This blog currently contains 24 posts on SharePoint (and many posts on other topic such as ECM, ediscovery, records management, etc.).

Books/reports/articlesYou might want to check out the following resources.

  1. Managing Records in Microsoft SharePoint 2010 – In this book, Bruce Miller examines SharePoint’s corporate recordkeeping capabilities and recommends ways to overcome its recordkeeping limitations.  A 2nd edition is expected soon emphasizing the use of 3rd party add-in software to overcome SharePoint’s recordkeeping limitations.
  2. Market Overview: Information Governance for the Microsoft Ecosystem, Q1 2014 (click on the link to obtain the report from Gimmal or contact any of the other profiled vendors to request a copy) – In this Forrester report, Cheryl McKinnon says “With the latest 2013 release, SharePoint now has adequate records management and improved eDiscovery capabilities, but gaps remain.”  The report outlines the use cases for 3rd party tools to extend standard SharePoint support for advanced retention, disposition, security policies, archiving, or site governance.  It also profiles 13 vendors: Archive Systems, AvePoint, Collabware, Dell, EMC, Feith Systems and Software, FileTrail, Gimmal, HP/Autonomy, IBM, Mimecast, OpenText, RecordPoint, RSD, Workshare, and ZL Technologies.
  3. Solving the SharePoint Puzzle: Where it Fits in Content Management Strategy – This 2010 ARMA Hot Topic contains an article by Marcia Douglas on SharePoint governance.
  4. Control SharePoint: Rule Your Information Domain with Governance – This AIIM checklist also discusses SharePoint governance.

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    Often the requirement for a needs assessment is driven by a specific initiative being considered or an immediate problem to be solved, rather than a general desire to establish a corporate (or organization-wide) IM program. We had a client wanting to improve its management of a specific group of critical records – thousands of member files in paper, microform and digital formats containing hundreds of unique document types.
    Assess, Plan and Schedule
    Ergo reviewed the organization’s current practices for managing those records, compared those practices to best practices, and identified risks and areas for improvement. From there we developed a strategic plan with a focus on records storage and retention. The plan identified the operational, financial and technological requirements for implementing the recommended changes, improvements and enhancements in the lifecycle management of the member records. Activities in the plan were classified as short term (next 6-12 months), medium term (next 12-24 months) and longer term (next 25+ months).
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    Implementation of the strategic plan enabled this organization to ensure its member records are properly identified, organized, accessible, protected and retained as long as necessary to meet operational and other requirements.
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