Why Choose Ergo?

Why Choose Ergo

Focus, Independence and Track Record

The community of IM consultants in Canada is relatively small, and Ergo is well regarded and unique in many ways. Here are the top three reasons we think you should consider us.

  • Reason 1: Focus
  • Reason 2: Independence
  • Reason 3: Track Record

Information management is all we do


At Ergo, we are specialists in the records and information management field.  Our CEO and lead consultant is one of less than a hundred Certified Records Managers (CRMs) in Canada and some of our associates are also CRMs.  Our lead consultant and associates were all IM practitioners before they began consulting.  Ergo has years of experience in organizations of all sizes in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Information management is a highly specialized discipline, and our service offerings are tailored to the core activities required to successfully manage information as an organizational asset.  We don’t do everything, but what we do has a specific value and is hard to come by except from specialists.

Many organizations go to large management consulting firms for IM consulting services in order to streamline purchasing costs and logistics.  Despite their size, sometimes these large firms do not have enough consultants with the specialized expertise you need in-house.  They will often subcontract the specialized work to a boutique firm like Ergo in order to deliver a successful project.   Ergo is willing to work for you directly or as a subcontractor to your consulting firm according to your preference, so there is never any need to accept inexperienced or underperforming resources that put your outcomes at risk.

Questions You Should Ask Us and Our Competitors
  • Is IM consulting your only line of business?
  • What experience does your firm have with this type of project in our industry?
  • Do your consultants, particularly the lead consultant, hold the CRM designation?
  • What IM expertise and experience do your consultant(s) bring to this project?

We don’t sell anything but consulting services

Finding an expert is one thing. Finding an expert who will give you an objective opinion is something else entirely.

Since 1999, Ergo has preserved its independence from the many service providers, vendors, and value-added-resellers (VARs) in the information management marketplace. We don’t sell any IM technologies such as Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems or sell IM related products (e.g. filing equipment, records storage services, etc.). We don’t accept referral fees or commissions from vendors of IM technologies or related products. And we do not recommend any particular vendor unless we believe it is in our client’s best interest.

This means we can provide truly objective analysis and recommendations based on your circumstances. We don’t recommend a technology or service that you don’t need, and we don’t try to influence your buying decisions. We know the IM marketplace, but we don’t take any side except for yours.
Questions You Should Ask Us and Our Competitors
  • Is your company affiliated with any IM service providers, vendors or VARs?
  • Does your company sell, rent, resell or support any IM technologies or related products which our organization may require?
  • Does your company accept referral fees or commissions from vendors of IM technologies or related products?

Many engagements are from repeat clients

Every consultant will tell you that they provide superior quality and value compared to everyone else.  All but one of those consultants is wrong.  How can you tell which one is right, and right for you?

A significant amount of our business each year comes from repeat customers (i.e. existing, satisfied clients).  They don’t come back to us because of anything except how satisfied they are with our performance and the value they realized from our work with them.  Ergo’s track record is unmatched on every important customer satisfaction metric:

  • We deliver on time and on budget, and we don’t underestimate time or cost in our proposals only to surprise you with change orders mid-project
  • The granularity and attention to detail in our deliverables is unparalleled in the industry and consistently exceeds expectations
  • While we may not be the cheapest alternative, our price-performance ratio is excellent
  • Client relationships are our top priority, and as a result we are easy to work with, responsive and flexible.  We communicate clearly and promptly to keep the project moving and circumvent problems before they impact the project.
Questions You Should Ask Us and Our Competitors
  • How do you measure your clients’ satisfaction with the quality of your deliverables?
  • Do you quote fixed or variable price in your proposals?
  • How often are change orders required because the initial proposal doesn’t match the actual project scope?
  • How often are the named resources in the initial proposal replaced with other consultants?



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Case in Point

That's A Lot of Records!
Often the requirement for a needs assessment is driven by a specific initiative being considered or an immediate problem to be solved, rather than a general desire to establish a corporate (or organization-wide) IM program. We had a client wanting to improve its management of a specific group of critical records – thousands of member files in paper, microform and digital formats containing hundreds of unique document types.
Assess, Plan and Schedule
Ergo reviewed the organization’s current practices for managing those records, compared those practices to best practices, and identified risks and areas for improvement. From there we developed a strategic plan with a focus on records storage and retention. The plan identified the operational, financial and technological requirements for implementing the recommended changes, improvements and enhancements in the lifecycle management of the member records. Activities in the plan were classified as short term (next 6-12 months), medium term (next 12-24 months) and longer term (next 25+ months).
Step by Step Success
Implementation of the strategic plan enabled this organization to ensure its member records are properly identified, organized, accessible, protected and retained as long as necessary to meet operational and other requirements.
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