Benchmarking & Compliance

Benchmarking and Compliance

Measuring and Improving Your Information Management

We will compare your existing IM program against IM industry benchmarks, applicable legislation, and your organization’s own IM objectives, policies and resources to identify gaps and risks. We will then recommend prioritized actions to address deficiencies, assist in setting goals and objectives, and help implement IM performance measurement.


Do you want to assess and improve your existing IM program? Are you are using best practices for information management?  Do your current practices meet your objectives? You might want to assess these things for any of the following objectives:

  • To measure compliance (i.e. is the organization meeting its own defined standards for IM practice and the requirements of applicable standards and legislation?)
  • To identify areas for future improvement (i.e. how does the organization compare to industry standards and comparable best practices?)
  • To create a formal performance measurement program to support IM strategic planning (i.e. is the organization accomplishing its stated IM strategic objectives?)


We will gather data using various methods as appropriate (e.g. surveys, focus groups, physical inventory, etc.) to document the services offerred by your IM program and/or current IM practices, and their outcomes.

We will assess your current policies, practices, processes and compliance.  We will compare our findings to a suitable reference model (a combination of IM standards, best practices, legislation and your organization’s internal policies and procedures) to identify any gaps between current practices and the benchmarks.  We will also address the risks of those gaps to your organization.  

Our findings will enable you to:

  1. Prioritize and address immediate deficiencies,
  2. Develop achievable goals and objectives as part of an IM strategic planning process, and
  3. Develop metrics for IM performance measurement.

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Case in Point

That's A Lot of Records!
Often the requirement for a needs assessment is driven by a specific initiative being considered or an immediate problem to be solved, rather than a general desire to establish a corporate (or organization-wide) IM program. We had a client wanting to improve its management of a specific group of critical records – thousands of member files in paper, microform and digital formats containing hundreds of unique document types.
Assess, Plan and Schedule
Ergo reviewed the organization’s current practices for managing those records, compared those practices to best practices, and identified risks and areas for improvement. From there we developed a strategic plan with a focus on records storage and retention. The plan identified the operational, financial and technological requirements for implementing the recommended changes, improvements and enhancements in the lifecycle management of the member records. Activities in the plan were classified as short term (next 6-12 months), medium term (next 12-24 months) and longer term (next 25+ months).
Step by Step Success
Implementation of the strategic plan enabled this organization to ensure its member records are properly identified, organized, accessible, protected and retained as long as necessary to meet operational and other requirements.
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