Ontario Access, Privacy, Security and Records Management Forum — June 18-19 — Toronto

The Ontario Access, Privacy, Security and Records Management Forum is a multidisciplinary event for public sector and health trustee employees. I will be presenting two sessions:


Records Management Certifications: To Certify or Not?

June 19 @ 11:10 AM

Many records management practitioners will consider becoming certified in records management at some point in their careers. What’s the difference between having a ‘certificate’ in RM and being ‘certified’ in RM? Do employers value applicants/employees who are certified? What RM certifications are available? How do they compare? This session will explore the value and importance of RM certification from the perspectives of the individuals who pursue certification, employers and the RM profession as a whole. This session will also identify the requirements for achieving and maintaining the following RM certifications: • AIIM’s Certified Information Professional (CIP) • ARMA International’s Information Governance Professional (IGP) • Certified Document Imaging Architect (CDIA+) • Certified Records Manager (CRM)


The Records Management Implications of Social Media

June 19 @ 1:10 PM

This presentation will provide a brief overview of three social media platforms of interest to public sector organizations: social networking (e.g. Facebook), web publishing (e.g. blogs), and content communities (e.g. video sharing). This presentation will also provide a blueprint for incorporating records management best practices in your organization’s plans for managing the information communicated by and stored in social media technologies. Attend this session for answers to the following questions: • What information can (or should) a public sector organization communicate via social media? • Is social media content a record? • How long should social media content be kept? • How can social media content be captured and stored for future access?
Please visit the conference site or review the agenda for more information. The event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on June 18-19, and there are special pre and post conference workshops available on June 17 and June 20. Drop me a line if you plan to attend!

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Case in Point

That's A Lot of Records!
Often the requirement for a needs assessment is driven by a specific initiative being considered or an immediate problem to be solved, rather than a general desire to establish a corporate (or organization-wide) IM program. We had a client wanting to improve its management of a specific group of critical records – thousands of member files in paper, microform and digital formats containing hundreds of unique document types.
Assess, Plan and Schedule
Ergo reviewed the organization’s current practices for managing those records, compared those practices to best practices, and identified risks and areas for improvement. From there we developed a strategic plan with a focus on records storage and retention. The plan identified the operational, financial and technological requirements for implementing the recommended changes, improvements and enhancements in the lifecycle management of the member records. Activities in the plan were classified as short term (next 6-12 months), medium term (next 12-24 months) and longer term (next 25+ months).
Step by Step Success
Implementation of the strategic plan enabled this organization to ensure its member records are properly identified, organized, accessible, protected and retained as long as necessary to meet operational and other requirements.
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